Farmer gave cows to an animal sanctuary and became vegan

Meet the farmer who could not bear to send his animals to slaughter

Chris Hill for the Eastern Daily Press:

A vegan farmer was so guilt-ridden over sending his cows to the abattoir he instead packed them off to a Norfolk animal sanctuary to end their days peacefully.

I've been to Hillside and it's an amazing place. Lots of interesting animals. If you are ever in Norfolk go visit. During the winter it is closed to the public. They have a lovely vegan cafe.

And now the unlikely story of how the herd was saved has won a Bafta.

Jay Wilde, who re-homed 59 of his cattle at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham, is the star of the documentary 73 Cows, which won the award for the best British short film on Sunday.

It tells the story of the crisis of conscience which prompted Mr Wilde to stop rearing cattle for beef and give away animals with a market value of £40,000 in 2017.

Now the 61-year-old hopes the documentary – which has also won praise from the Duke of Cambridge – will inspire more people to question the impacts of their diets and perhaps choose to join him and his wife, Katja, 48, in becoming vegans.

“I hope it helps people to look at their wider lifestyle and to reduce their impact on the plant,” he said. “Turning vegan is a very important thing to do.

“It’s probably the one decision that an individual can make that’s easy to make without permission from someone else.”

I've seen the documentary and I'm happy that it won an award. These poor animals endure terrible things throughout their lives. The more the world hears about this, then things can start to change. As Jay says going vegan is easy and you don't need permission. There is so much help available to become vegan today. The film maker for 73 Cows has become vegan too!

Hillside animal sanctuary website

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