Noshbites and Skin Food

26 March 2018

Sadly I have stopped producing the Coconut & Cacao Noshbites and Lemon & Ginger Noshbites. It was difficult to produce them consistently at a price point that would sell. For a long while I was swallowing the cost of using Medjool dates and I could not sustain it long term. I looked for alternative dates to use but it was not possible to create the same flavour and texture. I’m sorry but I need to be realistic about what I can and cannot do with the resources I have.

FAB Skincare

I wanted a multi-purpose skincare product, that can by used by anyone, at anytime, and FAB is what I’ve come up with. It’s made with the same ethics that I make my other products with.

fab range

I have been using FAB for washing, moisturising, shaving, getting rid of a cracked skin on my heel… They just work.

FAB is a range of skincare that is made with plantbased ingredients and tested on humans only.


Love the oil, makes my skin feel really great. The oil is amazing.