Noshbites and Skin Food

13 December 2017

The new packaging has been a big a hit with everyone and Noshbites are sellling well in Wholefoods and Currant Affairs in Leicester.

noshbite tubs

I’ve been working on the FAB skin food range for about 12 months. The skin food idea started about five years ago but for various reasons I stopped within six months. Since then it has always been at the back of my mind, and my lovely wife has been asking me to start making the old products again. For the last year I’ve been experimenting, and what I have come up with is FAB. It is a multi-purpose product, that can by used by anyone, at anytime.

I am tired of having to buy one product for my body, and something else for my face. Truth is that it’s all marketing to sell you more products. I wanted to moisturise, protect and clean my skin with a small number of products. They had to use natural healthy plant-based ingredients, organic where possible. Many ingredients used in the beauty/cosemetic industry claim to be natural, but are they good for you? I don’t use fillers or water to bulk up the ingredients. What I have created are super concentrated products, that you need to use a very tiny amount.

fab range

I have been using FAB for washing, moisturising, shaving, getting rid of a cracked skin on my heel… They just work.