I love jack fruit but not as a meat substitute

Jackfruit is a vegan sensation – could I make it taste delicious at home?

Zoe Williams for the The Guardian:

It is the ultimate ugly duckling story, a fruit that won the lottery. Five years ago, jackfruit was just a spectacularly ugly, smelly, unfarmed, unharvested pest-plant native to India. Some people ate it, but only if they had nothing better to eat. Kerala alone disposed of 35 crore (an Indian measurement of 10 million, used predominantly for – this is true – rupees, people and jackfruit) a year. Last year, however, Kerala exported 500 tonnes of the stuff, set to increase to 800 tonnes in 2019.

I find it funny reading this article. I love jackfruit as it is. It is delicious eaten ripe. I have no desire to use it as a meat substitute. I stopped eating meat because I hated it. I don't need reminding of it in any way. Fresh ripe jackfruit does have a taste—it's amazing. I love it. Unripe jackfruit is bland and a waste of time. Using it as a meat substitute is crazy to me but the rest of the world does not want that—shame.

India should send me the jackfruit. Not sure about eating 800 tonnes of it :)

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