Red Cabbage Ginger and Tamari Salad

17 May 2017

I love salads and this one has a bite! You can make this salad in five minutes. The ingredients are fairly easy to get and you may have them already.



  • Red cabbage—shredded

  • Carrot strips

  • Rocket leaves or any strong salad leaf

  • Almonds—sliced

  • Sesame seeds or hemp seeds

  • Ginger—large piece grated finely

  • Olive oil

  • Lemon juice

  • Tamari—you can replace it with salt but the flavour will be very different


  1. Add everything but the Rocket leaves into a large bowl and mix thoroughly.

  2. When you’re nearly ready to serve, add the Rocket leaves and mix.


I’ve not specified any quantities because you can just eyeball everything. Use quite a large piece of ginger to give the salad some kick. Go easy on the Tamari, as you want it’s flavour and not it’s saltiness to over power the ginger flavour.