Scrummy Munch—Easy Dessert Made in Minutes

16 January 2017

Something else I was making lead to Scrummy Munch about three years ago. This is the dessert I make when I want something super yummy that’s not going to take ages to prepare. I usually have all the ingredients and it takes a few minutes to make. I usually have some crumble mixture already prepared, so it’s a matter of chopping the fruit or not!


  • 1 cup ground seasame seeds

  • 8 dates—hard

  • Soya yoghurt or plain yoghurt of your choice

  • Chopped fresh fruit



I use de-hulled sesame seeds and grind them in a blender. Add the dates to the ground seasame seeds in a blender and blend at a low speed and grind dates. If you over process the mixture it will start to stick together. The crumble mixture will keep in the fridge for several weeks.

In a bowl or glass, add fruit and then sprinkle some sesame/date crumble on top. Add 3 to 4 tbsp of soya yoghurt and then add another generous layer of the sesame/date crumble. Repeat this for the other bowls or glasses. If soya yogurt is not your thing then try coconut or almond yogurt.


You can mix the fruit. Combinations include: Mango and raspberry, fig and mango, fig and pear, fig,pear and mango, Sharon and mango.

Pineapple is one fruit that does not work with this dessert.