Kale found to contain high levels of pesticide

Kale Fail: Clean-Eaters’ Favourites Contain Highest Pesticide Residues

Jim Manson for Natural Products Global:

On this year’s Dirty Dozen, kale ranks third, after strawberries and spinach.

“We were surprised kale had so many pesticides on it, but the test results were unequivocal,” said EWG Toxicologist Alexis Temkin, Ph.D. “Fruits and vegetables are an important part of everyone’s diet, and when it comes to some conventionally grown produce items, such as kale, choosing organic may be a better option.”

It is worth looking at the Clean Fifteen list to see what fruits and vegetables contain high levels of pestcides. You can then decide what you should buy organic/non-organic.

I avoid buying salads, kale, spinach, broccoli and apples that are non-organic.

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