Mother earth

We cannot wait for politicians and organisations to do something about the state of our planet. We can all do something right now. Each one of us is capable of making a small contribution that will count. Here is a list of suggestions and you can start now:

  • Be kind to everyone—love is a great place to start.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic you use—shopping bags are used everyday by millions of people—why not start here. There are so many great re-useable bags available.
  • Encourage your local café and restaurant to use plant-based containers. They are widely available now.
  • Buy food you only need—stop wasting it. Also, cook only want you are going to eat.
  • Reduce the amount of packaged food you buy.
  • Want to buy extra food? Then donate it to a food bank.
  • Use your car less, walk more and use a bicycle.
  • Do you need ‘three’ cars in your household?
  • Stop buying something just because it’s cheap. Are you going to use it should be your first question? Not the fact that you can throw it away and buy another one in a few months.
  • Buy a more sustainable version of the item.
  • Consider buying second-hand items.
  • Repair broken items, if they cannot be repaired recycle them where possible.
  • Don’t want something? Then don’t throw it away, donate it to a charity or someone.
  • Buy locally if you can.
  • Do something for nothing
  • Feed birds and small animals in your garden
  • Grow flowers that are good for wildlife, especially bees.