Boy gets vegan school meals

My son was the first child in Dundee to get vegan school meals

Ewan Gurr reporting for the Evening Telegraph:

As a family, we have been vegan for a few years and my six-year-old son was the first child in Dundee to access vegan school lunches after my wife contacted the city council’s education department.

Go Vegan Scotland has lodged a petition with the public petitions committee at the Scottish Parliament to ensure vegan options are available for children in schools across Scotland.

Barbara Bolton, from Go Vegan Scotland, told me this week: “Many families have to send their children to school with packed lunches or access school meals that include dairy, which their children are not accustomed to.”

The petition would also ensure vegans have access to plant-based options in hospitals.

How cool is that! I wish these options were also available all over the UK for schools and hospitals.

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