Pea milk anyone?

 Pea milk coming to the UK

Rosie Fitzmaurice reporting for the EveningStandard:

We have abundant vegan cheeses, fine vegan wines, you can now even find a "completely vegan" hotel suite in London. Naturally, the offering of dairy-free milk drinks has also vastly improved. There's almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk and, of course, our old friend soya milk.

In fact, in 2017 UK plant-based milk sales were up almost a third since 2015 according to Mintel, as reported in Wired.

Now there's a new kid on the block. Whole Foods revealed in its UK food trend predictions for 2019, that it would be introducing the first pea milk product to the UK. The Mighty Society's pea milk will be appearing on the retailer's shelves as of next month.

The choice of plant-based milks is huge. I think there are too many varities. It's good to have choice but that does not mean we should make plant-based milk out of everything we possibly can. Less is better—always.

"The claims are that it's high in protein, calcium and lower in fat than normal dairy milk, and compared to other plant-based milks, it is quite high in protein with around 8g per serving, but that's very similar to things like soy milk," Wallace told the Standard.

And that's the problem—they all make claims about why their product is better. A simple sensible variety of foods would be cheaper and just as good, if not better. A repeated thing I hear over and over again is that, vegan/plant-based food is expensive. When you start stocking up on processed foods it can be very expensive and I would say not good for you.