Eco Sac Bin Eco Sac Bin

Eco Sac Bin

The eco sac bin is only available in the small size and three colours. You can buy the liners seperately.

Introducing the new eco sac bin. A multi-use eco sac, made from plants that you can use as a bin with a washable liner made from 100% cotton?

How would you like to use something that has no plastic and the inner bag is washable and reusable? And it looks beautiful.

The liner is made from Calico. A plain-woven textile, made from half-processed and unbleached cotton fibres. Calico is un-dyed and raw. The liner can be washed seperately. Wash similar colours together.

Unfolded sizes are approximate.
Eco Sac Small Width x Height x Depth: 150mm x 280mm x 120mm
Calico Liner Width x Height: 310mm x 340mmm

  • Entirely handcrafted by me.
  • All machine stitched by hand.
  • Unwaxed cotton thread (made in Italy) is used.
  • 100% vegan materials used.
  • Kraft-Tex is made in Germany.


  • A mixture of cellulose (over 60%), latex and colour pigments.
  • It does not contain BPA or PVC.
  • Not harmful to the environment or you. *¬†Virtually tear resistant.
  • Washable.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Bio-degradeable.


  • A plain-woven textile.
  • Made from half-processed and unbleached cotton fibres.
  • Un-dyed and raw.