Handcrafted plantbased products made in the UK.


I love making things with my hands

I’ve always tinkered with things all my life from a very young age. Taking things apart was fun. I never worried about putting them back together—that was not the fun part! Move on many years and the tinkering has changed into making things I want, it could be a food, some kind of skin product or an item to use around the house.

Handcrafted small batch production

Much of what we buy is mass manufactured and once you get into that, then there are compromises made, with the ingredients, materials used, method of manufacture, packaging, transport… Making things myself eliminates many of these compromises because I’m sourcing mostly raw materials and making the product myself. I know where these materials have come from, how the product has been made and that makes me more comfortable in knowing that. That does not mean I don’t buy things—I do but mainly from smaller manufacturers and retailers.

I make things in small batches. It’s allows me to make the products I want and the way I want. Materials, qualtity and details are important. I believe in selling the products for a fair price.


All natural skincare products, made using oils and essential oils. No synthetic chemicals are used, no petroleum based ingreidents and no more than five ingredients go into making a product. The products are multi-use, for all skin types and unisex.


Is a plantbased material, mainly made from cellulose and plant fibre—it makes a great leather and fabric alternative for bags, wallets, folders…. It’s hardwearing, very hard to tear and can be washed. It’s also biodegradble.


Little pots of joy for my skin. A little goes a long way. Bye bye dry skin! 100% vegan too. I couldn’t ask for more.

Everything is made by me

Each and every product is made by me—from design to production. It’s small scale production and handcrafted from start to finish, so sometimes there are variations between similar items.

fab 01 oil and instruction card