UK's first cheese monger has opened and ruffled someone's feathers

UK's first vegan 'cheese' monger is misleading customers, dairy industry complains

Helena Horton for The Telegraph:

The dairy industry is taking action against the first vegan cheese monger, arguing that calling plant-based products “cheese” is “misleading”.

La Fauxmagerie, which opened in Brixton, South London, sells artisan cheese made from plant-based sources such as coconut oil and blended cashews.

It is the first 100 per cent vegan cheese monger to open in the UK.

The sisters, Charlotte and Rachel Stevens, who founded the business, posted on Instagram about their opening weekend on Sunday, which was a sell-out success.

Why is it misleading? The dairy industry says:

A spokesperson said: “Dairy UK has a duty to ensure the nutritional and health benefits of real dairy are recognised by and communicated to consumers. It concerns us that consumers are being misled with the use of dairy terms like cheese by the plant-based sector.

“It is fundamental to protect the consumer from product descriptions which are misleading. In the first instance, we will be contacting La Fauxmagerie to make them aware of the current EU ruling on the protection of dairy terms.

What about the stress and misery caused to cows? Do they take that into account? When business, industry and people are affected by competition—they do not know how to respond in constructive way, they do it in a confrontational way. If they really beleive that dairy has these so called nutrional benefits etc, then show that to their customers. Don't hide behind someone else. Figures show that the dairy industry in in decline and has been for several years. That is because people are waking up to what goes on in the dairy industry.

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