Muscle without meat

Vegan bodybuilder explains how he built muscle without meat

Alex Roberts reporting for JOE:

Kerton is best known by his ‘Hench Herbivore’ moniker on social media. With a rapidly-growing fanbase, he is keen to challenge the preconception many have about vegans as being hippyish and not cut out for strength training.

Although he has 30 years experience in bodybuilding, since turning vegan eight years ago Kerton’s stock has never been higher. He has carved out a niche providing practical training and nutrition advice to vegans wanting to pack on muscle and strength.

I travelled to Norwich to train with Kerton at Phoenix Gym, a fifteen minute walk from the city’s train station. Formerly a nightclub bouncer, Kerton has worked as a personal trainer at Phoenix Gym for many years but now devotes much of his time to the Hench Herbivore YouTube channel.

“To be honest, I just went vegan because I didn’t want to be the cause of my own death. A couple of years later, after researching different types of recipes, I stumbled across what was being done to animals.”

This is one of the biggest reasons people go vegan/plant-based. The cruelty animals are subjected to is beyond belief.

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