Vegan ejaculated after giving up diet

Vegan Reveals He Ejaculated For First Time In Months After Giving Up Diet

Dominic Smithers for Lad Bible:

Often you hear about the health benefits an animal-free diet can have on your body, but a vegan YouTuber has shocked fans after revealing he has managed to 'ejaculate for the first time in months' since quitting the plant-based lifestyle.

I'd question his other habits and maybe the foods he consumed were a poor choice. Drinking urine for health benefits is not a good idea. Not surprised he had problems. I'm not sure how you call a plant-based diet as restrictive? There is so much choice. There is nothing natural about consuming vast quantities animal products for humans.

He goes on: "I made the choice to go back to consuming animal products again.

"There is something natural in consuming animal products.

"I have had to come to terms with that and make peace with that."

The Youtube star has been vegan for the past six years but has given it up after it began to take a toll on his body. Credit: Youtube
The Youtube star has been vegan for the past six years but has given it up after it began to take a toll on his body. 

He also told fans how he had been suffering with 'digestion issues, depression, fatigue, brain fog, lack of energy', because of his restricted diet, and 'couldn't do push-ups without getting injured'.

There is something very wrong about him. There are many vegans who do endurance sports and they don't have problems, but they don't all drink urine everyday.

Over the course of his vegan journey, Shieff has done his utmost to promote the cruelty-free way of life and participated in a range of bizarre stunts, such as drinking urine - which he has done every day for the past two years.


There have been more stories about people who turned vegan and how it affected their health. When you look at what they were eating, it becomes obvious why they were having health problems. You need to eat a variety of foods and keep the process foods to a minimum. It is not rocket science but common sense.


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