Sofie is a baker’s daughter who loves bread and vegan food

I came across Sofie’s Instagram account by accident one day and I found it really refreshing to see someone having so much fun with being plant based. Go take a look at her fabulous Instagram account.

Sofie making breakfast

Who are you and what do you?

My name is Sofie, I’m 26 years old and live in Belgium. I’m a bakers daughter and so bread is my ever lasting love. I have a full time job as a banker and in my spare time I love to cook, eat and explore vegan food.

Next to my love for plant based food I also adore sports. I run 8K every morning and in the evening I love to go to the gym as well. I’m also interested in yoga, boxing and spinning classes.

A month ago I started to take steps in becoming a chef—I want to become a cook so I can open my own vegan eatery or catering business one day.

How long have you been eating plant based foods and what made you get into plant foods?

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old. About a year ago I choose to become a vegan—because plant based food gives me more energy, and I can eat a lot without gaining weight :). It’s better for the environment and animals. My skin looks clearer,… and IT IS SOOOOOOO YUM :) I look forward to every single meal.

Do you like making food and what are your favourite foods?

Yes, I absolutely adore making food. That’s the reason why I want to make a profession out of it. Nearly every Saturday I’m making plant based healthy food for my Instagram account @sofievandenbrande for the whole day.

SOFIE Van Den Brande

It feels so good just to know that no animal has to suffer because I want to live

My favourite foods:Plant based yoghurt, fruits especially; blueberries, raspberries, mango, a sweet apple, kiwi, pineapple…
All kinds of veggies
Bread! :)

Describe your day with plant foods.

I start with 125g plant based yoghurt, 125g blueberries and vegan cereals—tastes like vanilla and almond plus green tea
10am—some tomatoes
12pm—a homemade salad with lettuce, tomatoes, grated carrots, celery, red beet, peppers, beans or avocado and tofu. + green tea and sometimes 1 slice of bread
4pm—a vegan protein bar
7pm—a hot vegan meal—for example wok with tempeh, chickpea stew with rice and veggies, wraps with a tomato sauce and falafel,…so always lots of veggies with protein like tempeh, beans or tofu
9pm—an apple with vegan vanilla yoghurt plus green tea

Vanilla raspberry muffins

What’s your favourite kitchen tool/gadget?

A food processor for sure! I use it for everything :)

What one food could you not live without and which food do you miss the most since switching to plant based foods?

I could not live without yoghurt, bread, cereals, fruits and veggies. I miss cheese the most… feta or mozzarella

What do you consider the most important foods in your diet and why?

Without a doubt veggies, fruits, yoghurt and tofu.

Would you say you look and feel more healthy?

Yes absolutely! I have lots of energy, I feel happy!I have a clear skin now. It’s strange but also my mind is healthier…I’m so much more positive now.

How has eating plant foods changed you?

It changed my health, mindset and physical appearance. I feel and look healthier! I gained more self esteem because I lost 15kg in two years. It’s like I’m on top of the world and it feels so good just to know that no animal has to suffer because I want to live.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into plant based foods?

Start with baby steps…Replace maybe the first month with 1 meal—for example breakfast with a vegan alternative. You’ll still have lots of food choices and you might be already eating lots of other vegan meals.

Make it a food adventure :) and explore as much as you can. The fun part is…discovering new things.

vegan tofu salad

Vegan tofu salad




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