Making simple healthy inexpensive plant-based food

Cauliflower courgette and butter bean meal

Do you find that plant-based food is complicated and expensive? You want to make great tasting, healthy plant-based food. It's challenging and you think it should be easy to make delicious healthy plant-based food at home.

I feel your challenges in making simple, cost effective vegan meals at home. I have created this website to help you in creating delicious, simple inexpensive vegan recipes.

Thank you for your time today, I'm always grateful for the inspiration and ideas you share.

Start your plant food adventure here

Take a look at some of the Recipes and try making a few. Take a look at; Why you need a basic pantry or the Plant-based eating guide are great places to start your adventure. Another place to seek inspiration are the Interviews of people from all walks of life who have changed to a plant-based lifestyle.

Thank you for a fantastic workshop. Very inspirational.

The website aims are to:

  • Make simple recipes
  • Using inexpensive everyday ingredients
  • Inspire you to make easy, healthy plant food at home

Another top recipe here from @rajivshah. I adore this Dhal Dhokri. I need to make it again soon! 
Kathryn @veganrecipehour

I don't want you to:

  • Make complicated recipes
  • Use expensive, hard to get ingredients
  • Feel like it's a chore or boring to make food
Baked bhajis

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