Spanish Tortas biscuits

Spanish Tortas biscuits
Rajiv Shah

I discovered these amazing biscuits over Christmas. My sister had bought them, not knowing what they were, except they were suitable for vegans. Aniseed and almond flavour, handmade with simple ingredients. That's how I like food. They are cheap—£2.50 for six biscuits.

pack of tortas biscuits

I opened them a week later and wondered how I was going to eat them. They had a delicious aniseed smell and they looked beautiful. My little brain cells went to work. I had some soya yogurt and raspberries. 

tortas biscuits

Ingredients: wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, almonds, anise seeds, salt, sesame and natural anise essence. They are handmade in Seville, Spain. A word of caution—some varities of these biscuits are made with eggs. Make sure you read/verify the ingredients if you buy them online. This particular brand we bought in M&S.

tortas biscuits with soya yogurt and fresh raspberries

I thought about making a simple dessert. It does not get any easier than this—soya yogurt and fresh raspberries. This took a total of three minutes to make. It's hard work making a dessert like this! These are great to have for an emergency for when you need to make a quick dessert. The combinations you can make are infinite—you have to experiment.

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