Kathryn has created an amazing plant based community on Twitter


Who are you and what do you?

Hello, my name is Kathryn and I started @veganrecipehour almost three years ago. VRH is Twitter based every Thursday 8-9pm GMT. There’s a new theme each week.

In the real world, I work in my local primary school.

- KATHRYN @veganrecipehour

“We all make mistakes. You might also ‘slip up’ occasionally. So what, you’re already making a difference.”

How long have you been eating plant based foods and what made you get into plant foods?

I’ve been totally plant based for over three years. Before that I was pretty much plant based but still had the odd egg. I made the change for many reasons. Financial, personal illness and of course ethical.

I’ve ways had a great passion for cooking meals from scratch and discovering new recipes. The world of plant based cooking is incredibly inspiring and I am always discovering new and exciting recipes. Knowing that every meal is cruelty-free is awesome! What’s not to love!


Kathryn’s rescue bunnies—sadly a previous rescue bunny Echo was lost this year

Do you like making food and what are your favourite foods?

I love making food for other people. Providing a tasty, filling and cruelty free meal is so satisfying. Leaving long term meat eaters with full bellies and unable to say how any animal products could have improved the meal is an amazing feeling!

I mainly enjoy cooking savoury dishes. In particular curries. I adore learning about spice blends and regional dishes. I also enjoy ‘veganising’ dishes. Showing there’s always a plant based alternative!

Describe your day with plant foods.

I start my day with muesli and soya milk. In the summer months I do enjoy a refreshing out of over night oats with fruit. That’s nice with almond milk I find.

Lunch is usually salad with the ubiquitous hummus or sandwich with vegan cheese and pickle, hummus or my favourite peanut butter and carrot.

I almost always cook the evening meal from scratch. Favourites being curries and lentil dishes. Closely followed by seitan or tofu dishes.

I’m a mssive fan of smoked tofu. My husband would almost always choose burgers or pizza or pasta.

We eat a lot of yoghurt and today I tested it with some vegan ice cream. Yum! Drinks for me water, tea and hot chocolates (with freedom mallows!!).

What’s your favourite kitchen tool/gadget?

Probably the Magi Mix food processor thingie that does all sorts. I like to keep it very simple really. A good sharp knife is mega useful.

What one food could you not live without and which food do you miss the most since switching to plant based foods?

I can’t say I miss anything in particular really. I feel a plant based diet gives me so much that I’m never left wanting. I do however miss the ease of supermarket shopping. Some shops are just awful for appropriate food and I still, at times, feel a little deflated. Supermarkets are however getting better and better at providing suitable options. Onwards and upwards!

What do you consider the most important foods in your diet and why?

I have two plant based foods that have really revolutionised my cooking. One being Besan or gram flour. It’s amazing! Using it to make omelettes, quiche, sauces, pancakes, flans, toad in the hole, flat breads, e.g. replacement and so many other things. I use it a couple of times a week usually. Inexpensive and so versatile.

I also love nutritional yeast. I mean, what’s not to love! It sprinkles on dishes, in sauces and gravy, giving a cheesy flavour to things, in cheese making-lovely in cashew cheese! And so much more. I never understand why it’s not more ‘main stream’ or maybe its best as one of veganisms best kept secrets!!

Would you say you look and feel more healthy?

I certainly feel more healthy. My skin is better than it has ever been. Being plant based has also helped me with a couple of medical conditions. PCOS and IBS. My IBS has all but gone! Which is an enormous relief! I’ve also noticed some changes in regards to my PCOS.

One massive change is also my hair. It’s glossy, strong and shiny. It is also much less greasy these days. I also think my nails are less prone to breaking.

How has eating plant foods changed you?

See previous answer.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into plant based foods?

Follow @veganrecipehour of course! Hahaha! Biased I know but, I’d say chatting to others in person online really helps. Being part of a community is great. You’re never on your own and there’s always advice and support.

I also say ‘Go for it!’ make the decision and do it! It’s honestly not as difficult as it seems. If you want to do it and succeed, you will.

Also, don’t beat yourself up. We all make mistakes. You might also ‘slip up’ occasionally. So what, you’re already making a difference. Congratulations! This is the start of the rest of your awesome cruelty free life!

 Kathryn of veganrecipehour

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